What does fluency even really mean?

This video describes what fluency is, and what goals are realistic to set for yourself when learning a second language.

Language Learning Myths

These are some of the common language learning myths as well some of the reasons people either quit or don't start learning a language.

The Recipe for Language Learning Success

In this video I explain one of my language learning secrets I realised over the years that should help you reach your goals faster.

How to use Google Translate

This video goes into detail on using Google Translate. This video applies to any language, but I intended it more specifically for Tagalog.

Deep Tagalog Vs. Straight Tagalog Vs. Tagalish

This video I try to explain the different types of Tagalog spoken.

Tagalog Vs. Filipino

This video aims to clear up some of the confusion of what is Tagalog or what is Filipino language.

Tagalog Myths

This video is a bit of a rant about some of the bold face lies you will hear said about the Tagalog language

What is the Extent of Spanish's Influence on Tagalog

This video talks about how much Spanish is in Tagalog. How similar Spanish is to Tagalog. How useful is Spanish when learning Tagalog.