Everything you need to learn Tagalog (Filipino) for free is right here! This free online Tagalog course is constantly growing, and an excellent resource for your Tagalog (Filipino) language needs. Teaching you through the use of my free Tagalog (Filipino) video lessons,  or if you prefer to read rather than watch you can check out my Articles page.

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I'm here to provide you with the resources to truly become fluent in Tagalog (Filipino). You can learn how to speak Tagalog (Filipino) and learn Tagalog (Filipino) grammar here completely for free with the use of my free Tagalog lessons.  I was a linguist in the military, and learned over four languages, but my first, favorite, and closest to my heart is the Tagalog (Filipino) language. Unlike most Tagalog (Filipino) teachers I have been in your shoes. I know how to learn a language and how to explain foreign concepts. I also know what you need and don't need to become fluent in Tagalog (Filipino) or any language for that matter. There is a terrible shortage of good Tagalog (Filipino) courses and Tagalog (Filipino) learning resources and my goal is to fill it. Whether you are learning Tagalog (Filipino) for  heritage, a  filipina girlfriend, filipino friends, filipino relatives, or simply yourself, I've got you covered. Even if you only want to know how to cuss in Tagalog (Filipino) or how to say thank you in Tagalog (Filipino) or are just interested in language learning tips and tricks then you have come to the right place. I have also added a free Tagalog (Filipino) dictionary you can reference, and use my free Tagalog (Filipino) flashcards to learn more Tagalog (Filipino) vocabulary. Since culture and language go hand in hand I have also added a Culture page so you can learn about Filipino culture. Many websites only show you the "proper" or "bookish" way to speak a language, but I have included a page dedicated soley to Taglish and Tagalog (Filipino) slang. So what do you say? Do you want to hear what this Tagalog speaking  American white guy has to say? Jump in! Let's speak Tagalog! Tara na! Mag-Tagalog tayo!



In honor of Halloween I have added a slide show on the Day of the Dead or Araw ng mga Patay to the culture page as well as written an article on the importance of superstition in filipino culture.

Private Tagalog (Filipino) lessons are available!

Although my website and online Tagalog course are completly free you can only get so far with the resources I am providing you with so if you are more serious about learning the language or simply need help understanding Tagalog (Filipino) email me at My rate is $25.00 an hour and I don't charge extra if we go over.


Why Learn Tagalog (Filipino)?

This video outlines some of the reasons you may have not thought of as to why you should try to learn Tagalog.

Why should you learn Tagalog (Filipino)?

These are reasons for learning Tagalog (Filipino) specifically not reasons to learn any language in general. Although all of those reasons still apply, obviously.


There are many reasons you may wish to embark on this journey to learn Tagalog (Filipino), but here are a few you may or may not have thought about.

1. Tagalog is the fourth most spoken language in the U.S. Behind English, Spanish, and Chinese (all dialects) roughly 1.6 million speakers in the U.S.

2. If you learn Tagalog you will impress quite a few people, because it is not commonly taught, and there aren't many people learning it.

3. There are some things that are easier to say in Tagalog, and your Filipino friends will appreciate it when you learn some of those phrases.

4. Tagalog is about 20% Spanish and 10% English, so you should have a leg up learning it.

5. Tagalog uses the Roman alphabet so you don't need to learn characters or anything like that.


Every share helps me bring Tagalog (Filipino) to more people.


-Mang Collins